Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Story one  
Sam & jane are classmates sam borrows
Janes skateboard  Jane should say sam you should ask to borrow my skateboard because i thought it was lost and cried.
Story two
Lucia is in mrs parata's office. She wants to ask mrs parata's if she can have a turn
As library monitor. She's scared so she should go and ask before she gets more scared.
Story three
Naomi is knew at the holiday programme and doesn't know anyone. She wants to join the group playing basketball . she should ask them please can i play with you i'm new and i don't know anyone here.

my art

my art

My art represents me and my mum and dad. It also represents where I come from and how much I love playing out side.

Paralympic day

my reflection
 what went well was that me and my team tried to win but we didn't win.
what was hard was the scooter soccer because its hard to kick the ball



Old rings                                the old and new rings         new ring                       Image result for olympic rings                                                             IMG_0671.JPG

1. How many olympic logos have there been
There have been 45 olympic logos

2.Why do they have logos
They have them to represent different countries and what sports are in the olympics .

3.  Where will the olympics be held in 2024
it will be held in los angeles

4. What was the first olympic logo                                                        Image result for what was the olympic logo in 1896                                         

Our Olympic Rings
In this you will be making are olympic rings for 2024 first
You will need:
2x cardboard
Paint (you choose the colors)

How to make
1. First you need to get two pieces of cardboard now you  draw 5 circles and 3 flames (fire)
2.then you cut the 3 flames out  and  the 5 rings out.
3.  Next you glue the rings together then glue the flames to the rings
4.  Last of all you paint the rings any color you want .

Analises Reflection
The muscle i used were perseveres and manage distractions what went well was that the rings didn't fall apart .


Paora winitana

P.E Reflection

Building Learning Power - Reflecting on boccia- P.E

What went well? Why? How?
What went well was that my group was listening.

How did it feel as a teacher  when playing Boccia?
It felt hard to be a teacher because they didn't listen

One thing I could improve on is …..
Is to get my group to understand what boccia was

Friday, 8 July 2016


                           Asking questions

Title: a new home for Mokomoko                            names:Analise & Seamus

questions                                                            What clues & details do i notice in the text                                                                                                           
Before reading
what is a mokomoko?
What is it about?

The title
The paragraphs
The detail
During reading  
Is a skink a insect?

Detail about
After reading
Are they going to make more homes for

The pictures are showing
                           Asking questions

Title:                                            names:

questions                                                                      What clues & details do i notice in the text                                                                                                           
Before reading

Why are mustelids pests?

The title
The paragraphs
During reading
Why do they have sharp teeth?

The words and detail
After reading
Are they ever going back to where they came from

The pictures